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Our comprehensive API seamlessly integrates with the Eduman School Management Information System (MIS)

Enabling third-party vendors to connect directly to our platform. This integration empowers schools to consolidate all dispersed systems into a single, controlled database within Eduman.


EduMart is a comprehensive marketplace targeted to the students of schools, colleges, and universities. All the products and vendors on EduMart will be carefully selected to cater all the needs of targeted audience. EduMart will be introduced as an icon in the existing parent app of EduMan which is an established LMS, used by 60000 parents, all over Pakistan and will be launched as a separate app that can be used by anyone.

Comprehensive Shopping Solution: EduMart offers a wide range of products catering to the needs of children aged 4 to 19, including school supplies, stationery, textbooks, educational toys, and other essentials.

Course Guidelines and Availability: Students can access comprehensive course guidelines and availability of courses on a single platform. This feature helps students and parents plan their academic journey effectively.

Used Books Availability: EduMart provides a marketplace for buying and selling used books, allowing students to save money and reduce waste by recycling educational materials.

Free Books Availability: In addition to used books, EduMart offers a selection of free books, promoting access to education and literacy among students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Online Library: Students have access to an online library where they can borrow digital books, research materials, and educational resources. This feature enhances learning opportunities and encourages reading habits.

Food Vouchers: EduMart offers food vouchers targeting children and their families, providing discounts or special offers at selected restaurants or eateries. This promotes healthy eating habits and offers additional value to users.

Key Benefits:

One-Stop Shopping Platform: Parents benefit from having a single platform for all their children's shopping needs, simplifying the purchasing process and saving time.

Cost Savings: EduMart offers great deals and discounts on a wide range of products, helping parents save money on essential items such as school supplies and textbooks.

Quality Assurance: All products and vendors on EduMart are carefully selected to ensure quality and reliability, giving parents peace of mind regarding their purchases.

Doorstep Delivery: The platform offers doorstep delivery, eliminating the need for parents to visit multiple stores or arrange for transportation, thus adding convenience to their shopping experience.

EduPay likely facilitates payments within the Eduman platform, allowing schools to manage fees, tuition payments, and other financial transactions efficiently. This integration of payment functionality into the broader school management system can streamline administrative processes for educational institutions and provide convenience for students and parents when making payments.

Key Features:

Online Payment Processing: Edupay facilitates online payment processing, allowing students and parents to make payments conveniently via the internet.

Integration with Eduman: As part of the Eduman school management system, Edupay seamlessly integrates with other modules such as student information systems, attendance tracking, gradebooks, and more. This integration ensures that payment data is accurately recorded and synchronized across the platform.

Automated Invoicing: The system generates invoices automatically for fees and other charges, reducing manual effort for administrative staff. This ensures that accurate invoices are delivered to students and parents in a timely manner.

Key Benefits:

Improved Efficiency: By automating payment processes and integrating with the school management system, Edupay reduces manual workload for administrative staff.

Increased Revenue Collection: Edupay streamlines the payment collection process, leading to more efficient revenue collection for educational institutions. With timely reminders and easy payment options, schools can reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow.

Enhanced Student Experience: By offering flexible payment options and streamlining the payment process, Edupay contributes to a positive student experience. This can lead to higher satisfaction levels among students and parents, ultimately contributing to student retention and loyalty.


Eduman Lite offers schools a practical and budget-friendly solution for managing essential administrative tasks, enabling them to operate more efficiently while keeping costs under control.

Key Features:

Essential Modules: Eduman Lite includes essential modules such as student information management, attendance tracking, and basic gradebook functionalities. These core features ensure that schools can efficiently manage essential administrative tasks.

Simplified Interface: The user interface of Eduman Lite is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that school administrators, teachers, and staff can quickly access and utilize the necessary functionalities without extensive training.

Cost-Effective Solution: Eduman Lite offers a cost-effective alternative to the comprehensive features of the full Eduman platform

Key Benefits:

Cost Savings: By opting for Eduman Lite, schools can significantly reduce their expenses compared to purchasing the full Eduman platform. This cost savings is particularly beneficial for smaller institutions or those operating on limited budgets.

Ease of Implementation: The simplified nature of Eduman Lite makes it easy to implement and deploy within schools. With fewer features to configure and less training required for staff, institutions can quickly adopt the platform without disruptions to their operations.

Scalability: While Eduman Lite offers essential features, it still provides scalability for schools to expand and grow over time. As institutions evolve and their needs change, they can seamlessly transition to the full Eduman platform or integrate additional modules as required.

Incendio offers schools a comprehensive suite of digital services designed to enhance their online presence, engage their audience, and achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. From website development to social media marketing and creative designing, we empower schools to thrive in the digital age.

Website Development: Incendio offers professional website development services tailored to the unique needs of schools and educational institutions.

Social Media Marketing: Our social media marketing experts specialize in crafting compelling campaigns to enhance the online presence of schools. We utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage with the school community, attract prospective students, and foster meaningful connections.

Creative Designing: Our creative designers brings ideas to life through captivating visual content. From logo design and branding to multimedia presentations and marketing materials, we create stunning visuals that resonate with the school's identity and communicate its message effectively.

Expert Guidance: With years of experience in the education sector, our experts provide valuable insights and guidance to help schools navigate the digital landscape successfully. From SEO optimization to content strategy, we offer expert advice to maximize online visibility and engagement.

Key Benefits

By offering website development, social media marketing, and creative designing services under one roof, Incendio provides schools with a convenient and comprehensive solution for their digital needs.

Enhanced Visibility: Our strategic approach to digital marketing and creative design helps schools stand out in a crowded online space.

Time and Cost Efficiency: By outsourcing website development, social media marketing, and creative designing to Incendio, schools save valuable time and resources.


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